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Cricri links

Best links to excellent Cricri sites
Cz site
An excellent and interesting up to date site

Electric powered Cricri's
Nice report on the Electravia named Cristaline. Its difficult to find good technical data on this aircraft eg battery type and weight, flight duration etc.

Electric Cricri in flight
An interview and flight demo from the Airbus industries made Cricri. Very contemporary.

Dynon EFIS
If building, you must consider one of these in your panel. Light and full of data, including G meter and compass

Cricri flight with head mounted camera
Nice flight in showers, with full noise.

3W engine site
An excellent site for the 3W engine. The 240iB2 has just been deleted from the range and has been replaced by the 26 HP 275 XiB2 engine.

Electric Cricri site. This aircraft won the worlds fastest electric powered aircraft competition at 140 kts - from two 35 HP brushed DC motors. Bet the flight time is around 10 minutes?

Links to OK (?) sites
POP Off Pressure setting for Tillotson Carburetor
Most 3W engines (and many others) use Tillotson carburetors. The factory doesn't set the Pop off pressure accurately and it pays to do this yourself. Here's how it works.

Dawiebotes Builder site
Another builders Photos Journey building a Cricri - in Australia.

P Mays site
P Mays lovely paint scheme, French site in French, but best photos of a cricri

Documentary in French
This is a very interesting documentary on the cricri, featuring Michel Colomban and some nice aerobatic footage from the cockpit. Hows your French?

Model Cricri
ARTF electric powered radiocontrol model available for sale. Looks ingenuitive

Aviation Photos
15 photo of cricri's- variable to excellent. Small files. Lots of ads. Worth a visit

Shannon's Cricri
Shannon lives in Rangiora in New Zealand. He is building his Cricri with the advantage on CNC machining with his large CNC table router. This is definitely the way to cut out parts for this aircraft.