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Cricri aerobatic aircraft and other complex projects Page

You can download some of the best Cricri videos from this page. Check it out first on this link to the streamed video at utube (quickest way to see the action. If you like what you see you can download from  here - to watch over and over at your lesiure!!

Download the same video here:
JPX Engine Hand Start

Next is a favourite. Watch this guy do a roll just after takeoff.Watch it here

Download the same video here
My favourite- a cricri rolls on climbout

Next, two circri's performing aeros. A bit distant but you get the idea. No snap manouvers or spins but good rolls and inverted flight. I can't find this on youtube, so you have to patiently wait for the download.

The next is a professionally assembled video from Switzerland with a Cricri and a kitfox. No fancy flying but nice images and rural Swiss countryside below. A long video at 120Mb.

Then a short clip showing all the vibration and noise of cricri flight. Probably  gives the most complete sense of flying the cricri - inflight - with aero's

Check this out. World speed record for electric aircraft. No noise - no vibration.

Next, a brief documentary video by AOPA on a Canadian Cricri. Well worth a watch.