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Wed, 30 Sep 2009
Flight phase

Now that CRI has flown it would be easy to lose interest in keeping the site up to date. All the big obstacles have been surmounted. If you are interested in the details of flight testing, performance etc, just leave a short note here. It may be sufficient to keep the monologue going. W
Posted 00:47


What a great job you did! Have you been able to verify the performance of this configuration? Thanks for the website. it is very eye opening.
Posted by luke

I forgot in my last comment, i wonder how soft aluminum tubeing extended past the cockpit would be for the exhaust to cut down some of the noise? Thanks again.
Posted by Scott

Hi Wayne!! I got to congratiulate you for the best locking cricri i have ever seen ... specially the instrument panel .. realy simpel but good looking with the advantidge of digital instruments .... and the engine installation to .. its realy nice with the boxer config. ...a question!! Is the spec. after the result you got with your engines or a basic spec. about the plane?!?! congrat´s once again!! //Hannes
Posted by Hannes

Good Job!
Excellent work; Excellent site. Congratulations

I have no words to say.... Congratulations again and again. I feel jealous...
Posted by george

I have no words to say... ! i am very lucky to i visit this website ! i am very thanksfull cri cri team !

Thank You
Thank you for this very pleasant reading. Regards from Portugal.
Posted by Hans

parabens sucesso no brasil sua aeronave é um sucesso
Posted by Alexandre

Hello my name is Stathisviam from Greece-Europe, congratulations excellent workand site. I have a question, are the plans easy to follow? you think i will have problem to find everything i need to finish the cricri from Europe? Once again congratulations, you have built one of the best cricri i have ever seen.

3w engines fuel consumption
Hello... Congratulations for your finest job, specially on the alternator solution ! Now based in your experience I have a question to do...how is the fuel consumption of the two 3w engines used on CRI CRI in cruise flight? At this moment I am taking all information about CRI CRI construction because I have taken the desicion to build it. Your project progress description was very clear and useful for me.... Again...congratulations from Argentina.

I spent a lot of time enjoying your site !!! have you tested taking off about 8,500 ft ? Best regards ! Saúl Santana. Toluca, México.
Posted by SAUL

Cricri job
It is really a beautiful aircraft. What engine did you use for it? Do you intend to sell some of the templates that you used for the wings as now the job is complete?
Posted by Gordon

nice work
hii..wine! you know,you have a nice work. keep fun and safety flight
Posted by catur

wow just wow :)
Posted by name

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Hi This is Vibhu Mathur a passionate aviator from India an Aero engineer, I loved this aircraft of yours do you also sell this bird and how much is the price of it? how I can purchase in India.
Posted by VIBHU

Would like a CRI CRI
Does anyone knows where can I purchase one? Thank you

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