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This is us. One gets uneasy entering personal stuff on a URL. Oh well - here goes.
I am a 61 year old Otolaryngologist (ENT surgeon) and have lived for the past 30 years in New Plymouth, a  small sea side city, population 50,000, on the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. I'm very happily married with three adult children - one of whom is holhs her a private pilots license. She might one day fly the Cricri.

 My wife calls me slightly eccentric (in the nicest possible sense!) but then what normal person would commit so much of their recreational time to a garage hobby.
Flying has been a personal passion for 40 years but simply with a day VFR PPL (now 650 hrs)
I am a consumate builder of things - having restored a 1954 Swallow Doretti (English sports car), built two boats and reengined my other aircraft (a Zenair Zodiac CH601) with an EA82 Subaru automotive conversion. I am a self taught machinist, spray painter, and have modest wood working skills - but problem solving and innovation are my forte.

I have a classic boat - a 1961 Albatross, purchased  after I completed a mahogony 15 ft runabout styled after 1940s Chris Craft. Driver = daughter. Px = wife.

Here is our family runabout - completed in 2000.

Other completed projects:

Blast - an 8 ft racing boat built for my kids when they were young. It was a bit terrifying at first, now just pure adrenaline surge. It is for sale now - a disinvestment to fund a new project: to build a Sorensen American style outboard racer - powered by a 33HP Yamato racing outboard engine. Should be fun!

Woosh and Swiish - a pair of 17 ft sea kayak's build over two winter seasons on the same jig. They are designed for practical speed, from plans by Vaclav Stejskal of One Oceans Kayaks.

Here are a few other projects I have been associated with.

Project for 2012 / 2013. This is an aquabike, being built with a team of 8 friends, reverse engineered from a german version - but with improvements. It in a human powered hydroplane with 2 metre "wings". Launch date is Feb 2013.

Check out the youtube video of the german version.


I like a philosophical approach to life, and mild cynicism appeals to me. I want to grow old with my first wife. I believe in God and in life after death. Conspiracy theories do nothing for me. I want to change career before I quit work and I am working on what to do next. I want my kids to live lives fulfilled rather than just rich or happy. I have  more projects planned, different than anything I have done in the past. Favourite music - blues. Life is alright!
More later