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Photos - Best

A selection of best photos since project completion - with notes

Parked on the side of Raglan airstip awaiting the airshow start.

Flying off the west coast of Taranaki, with Whitecliffs in the distance. Since these photos I have improved the exhaust stingers for better noise abatement.

Over the Tasman Sea-  around 1 mile from the coast. The reflections on the water are magic.

Cold frosty morning with misting inside the canopy. Doing DVA's for the todays photo shoot flight.The mountain in the background is Mt Taranaki 8261 feet

In flight, slow comfortable cruise. Throttles not together but RPM is matched. Left hand on control stick while taking photo only!

Out of the box.

Engine shroud and prop hub rear extension fabricated in carbon fibre for weight and looks. Just one of around 25 "improvements" since the first flight.

Touchdown, on the brink of stall at 39 kts

"the bedroom" Here is where CRI spends most of her time. Notice the flying slippers.

A balanced 30 degree trun at 95 kts, local flying